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The B&B

A Casa di Gio and a newly renovated apartment in 2012 a standard Followed by The New insured for the maximum satisfaction and comfort to its guests. The B & B is situated in a strategic location and is a perfect base for esploration and stay in the Eternal City of Rome. The position allows you to Easily Reach All The Wonders of Rome just a few minutes by subway. With its central location, to reach the B & B is really simple and convenient, with PROXIMITY new, important and central Tiburtina station.

The philosophy for the Implementation of B & B is A Oriented Typically Rome reception where quality and courtesy are inevitable and indissoluble From the spirit of the Roman people. Rome A wonderful city, open to the world and to life so we are eco friendly and gay.

A Casa di Gio and At Your Disposal for EVERY need and so give a lot of additional services for an unforgettable stay in Rome.
Contact us, we are pleased to Welcome you to the Eternal City!

Data look on our property or Consult the services page, we are sure of Being Able to satisfy even the most difficult requirements.